I am owner and manager of the Enatye Ethiopian restaurant. Now it is rated on top of the 50 best restaurants in Virginia. Thanks to Dr. Prasad who relieved me from being worried about my business accounting and enabled me to focus on my business.

When I started my restaurant, I had a CPA start doing my business accounting. Soon after, I started looking for an accountant more professional and charging reasonable fee. I was recommended by my neighbor to contact Dr. Shivaji Prasad at Sunrise Tax and Bookkeeping LLC. I am glad that I did. Since then my accounting is being done very well, every tax report submission on-time, no miss. Submission of Annual/Quarterly reports, payroll accounting, monthly sales tax/withholding filing to Virginia Department of Taxation and town of Herndon, unemployment tax reports, all are being submitted on time regularly. He provides monthly/quarterly/annual Profit & Loss statements and Balance sheets regularly. This allows me to review my business growth and focus on my business. He also fixed the prior QuickBooks entries. Dr. Prasad is very prompt in responding to any queries from tax agencies. Even he dealt with IRS diligently to resolve the issue which I had with IRS at the start of my business.

Eskinder Kifetew, Owner/Manager, Enatye Ethiopian Restaurant, Herndon, Virginia.


Shivaji has prepared my personal taxes for the few years. When I first came in contact with the US tax system a few years back, I quickly realized that there were hurdles that were not simple to overcome for the uninitiated. A colleague pointed me to Shivaji, as someone who unites a solid understanding of the Tax Code to an appreciation of the specific issues encountered by those who were fresh off the boat like me. This was about properly entering the new system, but also making sure that foreign existing fiscal situations were properly aligned to the new configuration. Let me tell you, not every American CPA owns this kind of knowledge and painful-to-amend mistakes are possible there. Shivaji was available to understand my situation and provided the right guidance to several happy tax returns. It is also worth mentioning that I always found Shivaji’s service price very fair. Because of all this, I never miss an opportunity to recommend Shivaji to all my contacts, be they private people or someone who needs accounting expertise for a small business.

Luca Passani, Ashburn, Virginia


Dr. Shivaji Prasad is an expert in taxation. I got a first-hand experience of this when he dealt with my tax related to Puerto Rico (PR). He helped me to get the tax refunds retained by PR from IRS through a set of complicated processes. He had to call PR tax dept. several times and had to hold the call for hours to get the right answer. Ultimately, he got two year’s PR taxes refunded to me. After resolving PR tax issues, he amended the US tax returns for those two years and again got the held back money refunded to me.

He has high ethics and follows IRS rules strictly for any tax matters. He charges a fair price for his services. I would highly recommend him for any tax work ranging from a simple to the complicated ones.

J. Jayavelan, Aldi, Virginia


I have been using professional services from sunrise tax& booking for the past 6 years and it has been an excellent experience. the auditors are extremely responsive and they are very committed and have completed all my filing diligently within the prescribed deadlines. moreover, they are very patient and take time to explain/clarify all my queries .it was a pleasure doing business with them.i will recommend them as they do a thoroughly professional

Boopathy Veeramani


Mr. Prasad has been preparing my taxes now for my business The Blair Rental Corp for 6 years and so it was an easy choice when I asked him to also manage my new business, Precision Beauty Studio.

In addition to preparing my business taxes, Mr. Prasad also prepares my Foreign Income Exclusion Taxes.
He is knowledgeable, professional and always a pleasure to work with!

Tia Blair


Sunrise tax and booking LLC came highly recommended to me by my colleagues for filling wife’s ITIN with my tax returns. Shivaji Prasad is highly knowledgeable in filling ITIN and tax returns. He was very professional and friendly in walking us through the complex process of filing ITIN.

He was very precise, accurate and super thorough making sure all the required documents are sent to IRS and also promptly kept us updated on the progress. I received my wife’s ITIN and my tax returns without any issues or hold up.

I highly recommend him for all your tax needs!

Karthick Paramasivam


I came to Mr. Shivaji at SUNRISE TAX & BOOKKEEPING LLC, eight years ago with two years of past due to taxes and whole lots of Babbage because of my previous accountants deception not only he help me to take care of a very serious matter but also he help me to organize moving forward in a professional manner.I am grateful for his help and I believe in his great knowledge and professionalism ever since.I would highly recommend him for your accounting services.

Aflatoon Kondolojy